IOFEYE approach, philosophy, background

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I create because I feel compelled to do so, because I feel ”right” when engaged in the creative process and because it gives me a vast vocabulary through which I can express my inner reality and interact with the world. It is also something that ”happens” and that oftentimes feels like something occuring beyond my mental control. When I am creating, writing, reflecting, free-roaming with my camera or experimenting with sounds, when I surrender to the processes of inspiration and creation– I feel truly happy and I have an intuitive knowing of what I ought to do and what feels right. I feel connected on the deeper level to the Spirit that is in all things and I feel like partnering with a much larger energy field when I release myself to creation. In those moments, even if I am sad or stressed, I am happy on a much deeper level.


In my own perspective, my artistic expression is not bound to a single medium, mode or style. Rather, it is the very spirit of exploration, investigation, experimenting, playing and trying out new things that is very important to me, as well as allowing inspiration to take me where I had not yet been. Moreover, I seek to combine the different media and modalities of expression into more synthetic creations and make them ”talk to each other”. With art, I find, that there is a possibility for a sense of heterogenous, multidimensional expression – one where both the creator and the perciver and experinecer of art can interact and experience through multiplicity of senses and aspects of their being. While I have created and co-created explicit works that contain multiple media (textural, spatial, sonic, video, performative, visual and writing), there is also an underlying connection between the ”worlds” inside my own field that is not necessarily always brough out in the explicit sense, but that runs as an undercurrent between the different works or expressive formats.


My background is not that of a classically trained or educated artist from an academy (and in this way my path is both one I chose comparatively late and possibly a more wiggly one), but I believe that the most important prerequisite is the will and the authentic urge to create. I am completely convinced that anyone who truly has a burning wish and a compelling desire to put their body, energy, time, mind and soul to something will create works that are meaningful in their own lives and that speak deeply to others, even if they may need to sharpen their technical and formal knowledge along the way. Personally I love learning and growing, and I cannot imagine a time in my life when I would stop learning new skills or exploring new territories of world and self. Art and creation is not dissociate from this process of learning but is an integral part of that, and I love the freedom and expansion that comes from allowing oneself to be engaged in the creative process. Nowadays we have great opportunities all around us for learning new skills, composing our own curricula, getting enrolled in physical or online courses, getting mentors and learning in association with others. This allows for a great amount of freedom and flexibility in forging one's creative path or expanding oneself as a human being.


The road is not always easy and like in all domains of human engagement there are challenges and rocky times, doubts, frustrations and loneliness. But those are also part of the growth – both as a person and as an artist, and overcoming them or learning how to handle them does make one stronger with time. The creative process is in so many ways a transformational one – both in a deliberate sense but also in a sense that it brings one beyond the bounds of one's former self.


As a consultant and facilitator I also work with inspiring and motivating others on their path, hoping to partner with them in revealing their own creative potential. A lot of my own work comes from ”spills” and mistakes, free-flow sessions and experimentation. Those processes have helped me greatly in breaking through the notion of having to make something ”perfect” and own need for control. For me, it all started with allowing myself to doodle and to make marks, to intersect writing and drawing and by making intuitive collages. This opened up to new paths and new processes, allowed new inspiration to take me and for my art to unfold and it allowed me to learn not to be too judgemental or preconcieved. It is my hope that I can inspire others to open up to their own creation – both through my direct work with them but also through the nature of my works and processes. I myself am always interested to read and learn about other creators' work and processes and approaches, and I have gathered a great amount of inspiration and motivation by connecting to others, reading about them or co-creating.


My horizons are open – I do not know what the future may bring or where inspiration may take me, and this makes it exciting and fresh to engage in the adevnture that this work is.