Creative Workshops by IOFEYE

I facilitate different types of creative workshops and individual processes, aimed at exploring and expanding the creative potential in individuals and groups. I combine my knowledge as a working artist and creator in different fields, my experience and background in coaching and facilitation and my passion to help creativity expand to create processes that are inspiring, motivating, fun and engaging.

Below is a list with a short description of some of the workshops that I offer.
Please contact me if you are interested and more details will be provided.

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  • CREATIVE EXPLOSION - breaking the ice

    Workshop designed for those who would like to embark upon a path of creative self expression and are seeking tools and methods, inspiration and motivation to do so. Workshop proceeds through practical exercises and creative ice-breakers, as well as group-creations with the aim of being more comfortable with creation and exploring ideas and possibilities.

  • CREATIVE EXPANSION - unblocking the blocks

    This workshop is both for those who wish to start creating but also for those who may be experiencing a creative block, lack of inspiration, motivation, stable practice or who feel stuck. It proceeds through a combination of artistic exercises, presentations of different methods for maintaining the creative drive and practice, combination of expressions “by other means” (using body, movement, dance, objects, surroundings etc) and group exercises, as well as work with creative journaling and self exploration coaching exercises. Depending on the duration and size of a group (as well as the wish of individuals), individual coaching and mentoring is also part of the program.


    “I can’t draw (but I would like to)” is a phrase I have heard many times, and one that holds people back from creating because they presume that they must draw a naturalistic motif in order to be “allowed” to draw. It is both my personal experience and one as facilitator that taking the pressure away by “just doodling” allows for creation to happen easier. This workshop is centered around spontaneity and intuitive drawing and different exercises that take the pressure off and eliminate the intimidation with blank paper. It shows the participants (and allows them to try) that making mistakes, drawing imperfectly, following their impulses, not centering on notions of “correct” or “right” or “pretty” can have a tremendous effect on opening up their creative channels and shifting the focus from what they cannot do to actually creating.


    Doodling opens up connection with our intuitive sense, with the subconscious and with our creative capacity. I have found that it is a magnificent tool for getting and exploring new ideas, getting un-stuck, exploring things that move beyond the conscious surface of things and for creating connection within groups. This part is offered both as a one-to-one exercise and also as a group workshop for groups or organisations, who can see the value in using the visual and creative tools to develop new ideas and create connection within their teams. Please email for a more detailed description and keep an eye on the news for the try-out sessions.


    For those who would like to put their drawings to motion. This workshop is suitable for those, who wish to try live drawing with Tagtool (iPad with an installed Tagtool is a prerequsite) or who would like to know more about creating live visuals based on drawings. Depending on the group and the level of experience as well as interest, this workshop can integrate different software and technology (such as Resolume and the Adobe pack). Please note that if you are not an organisation or institution who already has this technology installed or licencing for it, that you yourself are responsible for downloading and licensing the right software. Please email and details will be provided.

This is a short descriptive overview of the workshops - If you are interested to book any of the above workshops or talk about facilitating other types of related workshops or exercies, please write to or use the contact form.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching or creative consulting, please write an email and a few lines about yourself, and I will be sure to contact you shortly. Do note that skype calls can be arranged.