Entropomorphism is a space, universe, logic and an ongoing expressive modality within the IOFEYE universe. It is a multiexpressive poetic space, where seemingly absurd collisions of meanings and concepts are traced in language, sound, line and at various digital speeds and modalities. The logic of this universe is characterized by lingual plays and twists, syntax bends and taxonomic meltdowns, juxtapositions of seemingly unrelated conceptual neighbourhoods and walking think lines of paradox membranes.

There is as such no one predominant medium nor story lines. The Entropomorphic universe extends through books, paper works, phases and paths of digital modulations, sound snippets, video and animation renderings and words. Storylines, beings, spaces and symbologies are repeated, referenced, included and cross-collaged into one another. Images become words become sounds become movements become images become silences, become what emerges.