Expressions in paint and ink, canvas and paper, sound and video, physical and digital objects, processes and words from the - a continuous project by IOFEYE.

This is a space and modality (or rather multiplicity of modalities) for exploration and experimentation around concept of nature.

It is a multidimensional project involving writing, visual expression, physical creation, generative coding, sonic creation, installation and video creation. It is about exploration, reflection, work, processes, creation, experimentation and expression around the concept of nature from multiple sides and aspects - relationship, conceptuology, phenomenology, dynamics, times and durations, forms, structures and geometries, nature as intuitive unfolding and spontaneity of processes, material and substances. 

At this moment only selected works from this series can be viewed. At a later point I will begin releasing sets of visual, motion and sonic signs as well as pieces of writing around it in a format of multiD book available as both analog+digital version in a limited set or as a digital access experience space.

For now selected works from the NO SIGN OF SYNTAX series are available as signed  limited edition prints in the sets of 12. 



The collection bellow entitled NO SIGN OF SYNTAX is created as a set of signs and conceptual expressions in the language of "illiterate poetry" - through multiple phases and processes with acrylics and ink and using materials found in nature as painting tools. This series has a set of corresponding sonic structures.