Exhibition - Månefiskeren CHRISTIANIA - Copenhagen 04 July - 07 August 2017

Added on by Indira Hasimbegovic.

Two weeks left to see the ENTROPOMORPHIC LANDSCAPES exhibition in Månefiskeren that has been running from 04 july. It will continue until the 07 August. If you are in Copenhagen or passing through, it may be a fun thing to do. Otherwise you can always drink an espresso and find the summer-chill in Månefiskeren and have yourself a hyggelig time anyway.

It has been great fun to have an opportunity to exhibit an extraction of ENTROPOMORPHIC LANDSCAPES and to receive feedback, have conversations about art and meet people. As I have personally spent lots of hours drinking coffee and drawing in Månefiskeren over the years I have lived in Copenhagen, it is very special to me to have a chance to show a more composite version of the work to some of the people that have seen me sitting around with my sketchbook.

I am grateful to Månefiskeren to give artists this opportunity to exhibit their works in a very vibrant and diverse social context. And also to all those who have come to see the works and for the feedback. I love to hear back from people - so if you have reflections, thoughts, ideas, queries that you wish to share - please let  me know.