IOFEYE (Indira Hasimbegovic)

I am an artist based in Denmark. My artistic work is characterized by experimentation, expressionistic approach, attitude of exploration and intuitiveness. I am not drawn to one single medium, but rather to possibilities that lie in collisions and connections between different media. Behind it is a belief that the totality of human being has multiplicity of aspects, and so the expression of that Beingness in the world is also facilitated by allowing for different languages and aspects of self to be channeled through different media and expressive formats. I am fascinated by the hybrid creations, by that which happens when unlikely things collide and by experimenting with the intersections.

I create visual works, animation works, video art, installations, sonic sculptures, photo-collages and books - and all these things have an experimental and expressive flavor to them and are led to a great extent by an intuitive sense and engagement with the moment. Seeking both to allow the emergent and to intentionally create and the same time, I am fascinated by the combination of the unpredictable with the intentional, conscious and sub-conscious.

With art, I find, that there is a possibility for a sense of heterogeneous, multidimensional expression – one where both the creator and the perceiver /experiences of art can interact and experience through multiplicity of senses and aspects of their being. While I have created and co-created explicit works that contain multiple media (textural, spatial, sonic, video, performative, visual and writing), there is also an underlying connection between the ”worlds” within the body of my art-work that is not necessarily always brought out in the explicit sense, but that runs as an undercurrent between the different works or expressive formats. Creation for me is like an endless, interconnected canvas with worlds within worlds revealing their potentialities as I engage in creating. Oftentimes my visual still art would inspire video sequences that then would inspire sonic experimentation or word-based creations that then again would spill over into the visual work. While there is an end to a piece of paper or a sequence of video, to a spatial demarcation or to a duration of a sonic piece - I have a sense (and conviction) that creation itself happens both between and beyond these boundaries.

In the visual work, I explore both abstract themes and figurative motifs, as well as connections between them. Many of my visual works are characterized by bold use of color and contrasts, as well as multiple levels of motifs and details. Especially in the illustrative work, I explore the worlds-within-worlds idea, where different levels of scenes unfold simultaneously within a single frame. This again has its origins in the notion that creation is fractal, endless and that wherever we may zoom in and engage with consciousness, the worlds, possibilities and realities open up to experience and exploration. Much of my work carries a flavor of mythical elements, dream-like landscapes and fantastic creatures. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the conscious and unconscious, dreams and waking-state and to open up to an intuitive form of symbolic expression.