IOFEYE creates live visual performances using video collage, live drawing, generative processes and mapping. 
Please read about the approaches and processes on the .Video Page.


If you wish to book IOFEYE for live performance, please read these guidelines and use the form at the bottom of the page:


- As a general rule, it is necessary to book at least 10 days in advance. However, if the project requires more complex, time consuming development and preparation, and if there are specific requirements with a theme or such - then more time may be needed. 

- Please note that the price you get quoted will depend on the preparation time, materials, logistics and  energy needed to deliver a required performance. 

- As a performative artist, IOFEYE seeks to align the performance with the expressions and end the energies of the event, music, space or theme. There is room and ear on the part of the artists for input and for suggestions or expressing needs on the part of the person booking. However, do note, that IOFEYE does not create create custom performances or directed expressions - if you wish to book IOFEYE then expect that it will be a unique artistic expression and that you are booking a live artist. 

- Please note that any equipment, which is not part of the core IOFEYE setup will be  required supplied by the person booking. Alternatively it can be be provided by the artist only if this is specified in time of booking so that proper arrangements can be made and at additional cost (this includes projectors, extra long cables or signal splitters, mapping objects, screens and fabric that the artist does not have etc).

- It is important that IOFEYE can check the location, communicate with the lighting crew, musicians and event-creators and try out the equipment, positions, projectors and light in reasonable time before the performance. 

- Other than for strictly charity, goodwill or self-chosen community projects and initiatives, IOFEYE does not create performances for free or for "exposure" in networks or social media or any other way. 



  • Power supply with at least 4 plugs

  • Projector or several (depending on the performance and event).

  • Proper place and space for performance, equipemnt and movement
    as well as good view of the projection scene.

  • Reasonable time for preparation, especially with themed events

  • Testing and checking the location and the equipment

For Live Video:

  • HDMI or VGA cables and (depending on how far I have to stand from the projector) also extension cords (the artist brings own up to 10m)

For Animation/Tagtool:

  • VGA extension cord (depending on the length away from projector required).


Name *
For which date do you want to book
For which date do you want to book
Please specify whether you have projector/s or they need booking. Do note that booking for the projector by the artist will be EXTRA COST on top of the performance cost. Guiding price is 100euro or 750kr for a day.